Aluminium Hydroxide Magnesium Carbonate Co-Dried Gel

Molecular Formula : Al65(OH)213Mg26.C17O48.NH2O


Useful where a formulation consist of Magnesium Carbonate and Aluminium Hydroxide as by this the handling of two different products can be avoided and one step i.e. mixing can be omitted form the manufacturing process of an Antacid Formulations.

Sr. No. Test Parameters Specification / Limits
1 Description A White fine amorphous powder, odorless.
2 Solubility Practically insoluble in water, it dissolves in dilute mineral acids with slight effervescence.
3 Identification (A)
It gives the reaction of aluminium salts.
It gives the reaction of magnesium salts.
4 Acid Consumption capacity Not less than 260 ml of 0.1M HCl is required
5 Arsenic Not more than 5 ppm
6 Heavy Metals Not more than 30 ppm
7 Iron Not more than 200 ppm
8 pH (4 % w/v solution) Not more than 10
9 Chloride Not more than 0.4 %
10 Sulphate Not more than 0.7 %
11 Assay as Al2O3
Assay as MgO
Assay as CO3
Not less than 40 %
Not less than 6 %
Not less than 12 %

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