Sr. No. Test Parameters Specification / Limits
1 Description A white, fine powder, Odorless and tasteless.
2 Solubility Practically insoluble in water an in ethanol, soluble in mineral acids.
3 Identification (A)
It gives the reaction of Magnesium salts.
It gives the reaction of Aluminium salts.
It gives the reaction of Silicate.
4 Loss on ignition Between 20% to 30%, when ignited at 1000°
5 Heavy Metals Not more than 40 ppm
6 Arsenic Not more than 4 ppm
7 Chloride Not more than 0.1 %
8 Sulphate Not more than 0.4 %
9 Acid consuming capacity
(On ignited Basis)
Between 175ml/gm to 210ml/gm of 0.1N HCl required
10 Assay as MgO
(On ignited Basis)
Assay as Al2O3
(On ignited Basis)
Assay as SiO2
(On ignited Basis)
Not less than 11.0 % of MgO

Not less than 20.0 % of AL2O3

Not less than 50.0 % of SiO2

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